You There

Dear Reader,

You might be new here, you might read this vapid bathroom wall of a blog all the time. You might be Erica (hello there, sexy).

What you should all know is three things:

  1. I’m a geek.
  2. I’m interested in human behaviour.
  3. I like numbered lists.

So I track y’all. You are my guinea pigs, and thank you for being so. I look at visit times, scroll rates, sharing to others, a bunch of stuff. This is nothing you haven’t been subjected to before, but I have more time to care. And so a special shout out:

You are a reader in Brazil. I don’t know your name. You read every few days. You scroll down at a thorough reading pace. You scroll down, and up, and down. You re-read, you process. You share.

That’s sweet.

But your friends don’t care. They don’t keep coming back like you do. They flick through faster than someone can read. They bounce off the bottom of the page; like suckers, the fuckers.

I don’t know your gender, your address, what you look like, or anything creepy (oh except maybe your address and gender). But I think about you. I know I write some pretty suicide-y things, and I know you check more frequently afterwards and see no new posts; you must worry. I apologise for that. I’m back here today for you. You should know that. Nothing creepy though.

We are connected. I might come and visit.