The Key To Happy Living

I have discovered the key to happiness. And from what I understand, it’s very similar to the key to raising children.


Always have something at hand to distract the unruly child. Maybe a toy, or a snack, or the back of your hand.

Life is pointless. If you think about it, you already know this. Any task that is only about doing the task itself is pointless. That kid from the Karate Kid thought washing the car and painting the fence was pointless, but it turned out that there was a point to his actions. Unless, at the end of this life, we discover that we’ve been preparing for something else, then you gotta admit, it’s all kinda pointless.

Once it really dawned on me that there is no real reason to do this thing we call life, I was surprised that so many people seemed to not feel this way. Happy cunts. And this made me feel sad, sure, but also disconnected. I thought about joining the ranks of the tens of thousands of people who check out each year of their own accord.

Then I started thinking about why it is that all these perfectly intelligent people (the happy cunts) managed to ignore the fact that everything they do, everything they get angry and frustrated at, is all entirely optional, and makes no difference if you do your 80 years or finish up whenever you feel like it.

But I think I understand what I guess everyone else already knew:

Forget about it.

Focus on something else. Shake some keys in front of your face if you need to, watch TV, or just cheer the fuck up. So that’s what I’m working on now. Yes, everything is pointless. Everything I do now I have done before and will do again. And nothing I do now will exist when I’m gone. There is no reason to do any of it.

But … just forget that and do it anyway.