Yellow Brick Road

Naming a business is hard. You have to make sure the domain name is available, that the name is easy to spell, that it isn’t also a swear word in another language, and so on. Maybe the founders of Mammoth Erections had a sense of humour (if they’re as witty as the website is slick, nope). Perhaps these cunts are really quite nice. There are simply no words to describe this. Unfortunately it’s a flash site so I’ll just tell you that they’re a seafood joint with the tag line “I got my crabs from dirty dick’s.”

Up the road from where I live there’s a big yellow shop. “Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management”.

Image 3

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the yellow brick road representative of a long, annoying journey down a path that ends in the discovery that the person you’d put all your trust in is really just a conman from Omaha feeding you lies? I’m pretty sure he then fucks off in a hot air balloon to go back to the circus. None of this screams ‘wealth management’ to me.