Prepare for the Power

A decade or so ago, in a land not too far away, someone that didn’t know a fucking thing about a thing said, “I reckon phones give you cancer”. Or as they called them at the time, ‘cell’ or ‘mobile’ phones.

Soon after, one of the 3 billion people that just repeat shit they hear, repeated this. This happened one more time and it officially became fact. Same happened with microwaves, which as you may know, I taunt with my testicles hanging in front of the glass. I’m here to tell you, there have been no ill side effects. My tackle still works just fine, I’m still pumping out little Dirks left right and centre. Heaps of them are stillborn but I think that’s just bad luck.

Wireless power is coming, people. You will be able to have a lamp on your dining room table without a cord. Everything that has a battery will never go flat. The idea of ‘charging’ something will be silly. 10 years later will we quip that it used to be called ‘wireless’ power. We will find it strange that there are teenagers who never knew of ‘power cables’.

You will almost certainly hear that it causes cancer. So, dear reader, I want you to decide now. Are you going to repeat the ‘fact’ that wireless power causes cancer? Are you going to be wary like so many geese were with regards to microwaves and mobile phones?

No, you are not.