Toothbrush Mystery

Today (same day as the laptop girl road crossing) I saw a toothbrush packet on the footpath. Looked fresh.

So someone has bought this toothbrush, I imagine in the convenience store that was just there, and needed to use it immediately. This is also the sort of person that has no way to retain the packaging for a toothbrush to put in a central-rubbish-collection-receptacle for collection by a designated-rubbish-collector.

So I imagine they were naked… Oh my god, I just worked it out literally half way through typing that. Remember the scene from Pulp Fiction, is there a guy with a gimp mask being held somewhere and he escapes and runs down the street. That’s it! This guy’s just escaped a sex dungeon where he was the main course, and the first thing on his mind (and rightly so, I shall say) is washing the naughty out of his mouth.

I forgive his littering. And I hope I didn’t just misquote Pulp Fiction. Lucky I have no readership.