The Doors

I made it through the honey ordeal. I bought more honey. Contemplated what I’ve done with my life, wondered if this was the same t-shirt I was wearing the last time I bought honey, and moved on. Now, on to lighter things.

I’ve had all doors removed from my house. I’ve kept the front one I should say, but the rest: gone. I’ve got nothing against doors, they serve an amazing array of purposes. But hinges … recently I’ve been thinking a lot about hinges and I don’t think I want them in my house. Open, closed, they don’t care. I don’t think I want to be a part of that whole scene.

My bathroom cabinet doors were reflective. That is to say, they had mirrors as a veneer, that is to say they were like all other bathroom cabinet doors. And now, without these, I have no idea what to look at when brushing my teeth. I don’t know what I used to look at, did I just stare into my own eyes? Surely if I did I could still picture what my eyes looked like (that’s what I miss the most with no doors). Was I carefully adjusting the angle of the toothbrush based on visual feedback of what was going on in the whole mouth area? I feel like I’m still just as good at brushing my teeth so I don’t think that’s what I looked at. I don’t know, and I don’t want to get the doors back just to find out.

Even turned up full, I need to keep stuff in the crisper at the bottom of the fridge if I want it to keep from going off.